Peace Corps Timeline

11.2008: I talked about the peace corps with one of my good friends and decided it was worth applying for. Soon after I decided it was not for me.

02.2009: I stopped by the Peace Corps booth at a career fair on campus and picked up more information. I sat down and read it all and decided it was for me after all.

03.09.2009: Submitted my completed application. Requested all recommendations, but had not received any yet. Received and completed Health Status Review. Also received loan deferment paperwork to be turned into recruitment office.

03.18.2009: Received my Toolkit password in the mail. First reference submitted.

03.20.2009: Second Reference submitted.

03.23.2009: Received a call from my recruiter in the Atlanta Office. He said my application looked good and I was probably best suited for teaching English. That was a surprise to me. I now need to get 3 months experience teaching and he is putting my application on hold until I am halfway done with that experience. I’m kind of bummed, but kind of excited at the same time!

08.2009: Called my recruiter to get the hold off my application. Found out I needed to move offices and get a new recruiter. He said he would contact her.

09.2009: Finally heard from my new recruiter. She said everything looked good and she would love to interview me. Decided I wanted to do Master’s International and had to wait until I got my acceptance letter to do interview.

11.12.2009: Got my acceptance letter to George Mason and mailed it in!

11.27.2009: Called recruiter since I hadn’t heard anything and she said she thought she might have seen the letter come in.

12.3.2009: Finally hear from my recruiter. She said she checked my paperwork and it looked good and scheduled my interview.

12.30.2009: Went in for interview and my recruiter told me that she was missing a reference letter. Apparently it didn't look good after-all. long story.

01.19.2010: Had my rescheduled interview. My recruiter was tough. I was sweating bullets the whole time.

02.03.2010: I got my nomination! It took so long I was getting really nervous. Nominated for Secondary Education, English Teacher Training Program leaving in Jan-March 2011. No idea on the continent.

02.06.2010: Received my medical packet in the mail.

02.22.2010: Mailed completed medical packet in.

03.01.2010: Peace Corps received medical packet and updated my toolkit.

03.04.2010: Dental Clearance. check!

05.21.2010: Updated toolkit. Hold on account for medical review.

05.24.2010: Received letter in the mail, medical is incomplete.

05.26.2010: Had doctor’s appointment and faxed in needed information.

05.27.2010: Toolkit update, hold taken off my account

06.02.2010: Toolkit update, hold on account for medical review.

06.14.2010: MI placement liaison requested updated resume, transcripts, and earliest departure date. OMS emailed to notify that a letter sent to me had been returned.

06.23.2010: Received letter in mail, medical is incomplete.

07.08.2010: Faxed in needed paperwork.

07.09.2010: Toolkit update, hold taken off of my account

07.10.2010: Toolkit update: medical decision reached. check!

07.12.2010: Email from placement office congratulating on medical clearance and requesting updated resume.

07.13.2010: Letter from OMS arrived. I received medical clearance!

08.18.2010: Email from MI liaison requesting confirmation of MI student status.

09.30.2010: Email from placement officer with interview questions and possible invite for Eastern Europe/Central Asia March 2011.

10.01.2010: Returned completed email and got confirmation of MI status from GMU.

10.06.2010: Toolkit update: Invited to serve!