Thursday, May 27, 2010

medical hokey pokey.

i got a medical hold on my account. and then the letter came in the mail.... incomplete. apparently my doctor and i missed my pulse. it makes sense why oms had to send it back. how could they send a volunteer overseas with no pulse?! i also had to fill in some info on my allergies and follow-up on a surgery i had a year ago. i got this letter on monday. i got into the doctor's office yesterday morning and had everything faxed over in the afternoon. i woke up this morning to a lovely toolkit update. the hold on my account has been removed. i can only guess how long the medical review will take from here. as least now i know they have all the information they need. i think.

in non-pc related news, i taught my last volunteer esl class for the semester on tuesday. my students were so sweet i almost cried! tonight is the end of the year celebration. we are having a giant potluck. my class is making me papusas since apparently it is a sin that i have never tried them. mmm. i have to decide in the next couple weeks if i am going to teach there again next year. i'm pretty torn. I applied for a few paid esl jobs, so we will see if i am lucky enough to get them with the little experience and education i do have.

fingers crossed,

Friday, May 21, 2010

i'm moving on up.

i got a toolkit update this morning in my email. i have to admit that i was puzzled as to what it could possibly be. i sent in the medical paperwork and it was received. i have already been dentally cleared. i'm not nominated until jan-march of 2010. after reading the blurb about only reviewing those departing in the next four months i was surprised to find out my medical is under review! well before time, but i am certainly not complaining. i will undoubtedly have to make some follow-ups with my poor luck, so this will give me the time to do that.

it's a funny thing. i was going through a phase where i didn't even want to think about pc anymore. i knew i had months and months to wait so i had decided to just let it be for a while. i have been focusing on school work and coming up with viable back-up plans for pc. then out of no where i get this little teaser. it's almost pc's way of slapping me in the face and saying, "get back on board". anyways, i'm super stoked that my medical is under review. that's a big ol jump forward i hadn't been expecting, and i am beyond stoked about it. eek!

awaiting the next early morning update,