Thursday, March 4, 2010

my pearly whites

dental clearance. yay! even though it is just one check mark of many, it feels pretty awesome. i am now just going to have to wait for a loooong time before i hear anything else. since my departure isn't for a little less than a year, i have a lot of time to kill.

in other news, i just got my first place with my sister! i am working on painting and moving in now. eeek. it is just so cute, and i am so excited.

the most important thing i have learned in this peace corps process is that it is so important to have other things going on in your life. it is too easy to get wrapped up in the application process and before you know it consumes your life. while i am still so excited about every step i take that gets me closer to being a pcv, i am so thankful that i have school and work and fun to keep me sane.

back to packing,

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  1. Having other stuff going on is REALLY important. Things get scary when even school, work, and friends can't distract you enough from the frustrations of waiting. =) Congratulations on your dental clearance, gotta love seeing those check marks.