Monday, February 22, 2010

medical in the mail. phew.

finally. i got the medical packet in the mail. i got a call this morning that my lab results were in and looked good. yay!. i decided to make copies and double-check everything before i went to pick them up. good thing i did because i noticed that the nurse practitioner that did my medical examination didn't have the doctor co-sign the forms. i had the doctor sign them while i picked up my labs. i had it in the mail in time to go out today. i hope that i got everything taken care of.

i am actually surprised at how quickly i got in and out of the doctor's offices. i mean i know i'm not out of the woods yet, but i'm hoping. it took just over two weeks to finish everything. that includes getting my wisdom teeth out! i think that is pretty impressive.

So now i wait. & wait. & wait some more. i have to admit that i am completely jealous of reading all of the posts about invitations. most of those getting their invites now applied around the same time i did. moving and deciding to do the master's international program definitely slowed my application process down. i have to just keep reminding myself that at the end of it i will come out with my master's degree. that is totally worth the wait. & i think the skills i am gaining in school right now are going to be so useful in my peace corps service. i just can't wait to get started.
right now i'm just hoping for an easy medical clearance.

here's to hoping,

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