Monday, January 24, 2011

some things i will miss

obviously i am going to miss my friends and family most of all, but there are many other things that i am going to hate missing for 27 months. this post is dedicated to them. in no particular order:

taco bell. this will be a struggle.

my shows. <3 gossip girl, true blood, and grey's anatomy.

the final movies. no midnight showings for me this time.

my unhealthy addiction: dr. pepper.

cruising with the top down in my lovely car. mine is actually white, but you know.

i have a problem. i love to shop. & i will miss it. but taking a break will be good for me...and my pocketbook.

english. i will miss speaking english on a regular basis. i am excited about learning russian, but i know i will miss english.

enjoying the things i will miss while i can,


  1. And then when you come back you will miss a ton of things about Kazakhstan :)

  2. I just started watching Gossip Girl from the beginning! Love it! And I am totally going to miss American TV...

    I added you to the journal list! Please e-mail me your Last Name and training address! :)

  3. i think i will miss WI cheese and beer the most...but im sure i will cope somehow:)