Wednesday, January 19, 2011

moving along

first of all, i got dental clearance. again! i generally dislike the dentist and this appointment was no better than any other. my dental hygienist told me i had a cavity to be filled before i could leave, and i was completely bummed. i thought this would put me way too far behind. turns out she just wasn't using the cavity finder thing correctly and the dentist cleared me for take-off. i mailed it in that day and had clearance two days later. my dental hygienist was awesome enough to give me enough toothbrushes and toothpaste to last me two years. so sweet.

i have been working hard to stay on top of the long list of to-dos i need to get done before i leave. i bought all my luggage (two samsonite duffles, one rolling 24"& one w/ backpack straps that looks identical), a north face solaris 35 to take as my carry on, and a purse that holds a laptop from target as my personal item. i made my packing list, and i am pretty close to having everything on it. i have all of my new goodies piling up on a chair in the corner of my room. i'll post the final list here when i finally finish updating it so anyone who wants to look at it in the future can.

i have also been working on my russian. i try to do an hour of rosetta stone a day. i have to be honest, not that sure rosetta stone is that awesome of an investment. i just don't think it really fits with my learning style. i figure some familiarity with the language is better than none though. & i have finally begun the process of packing up my room. i tried to go through my clothes and pack up anything i know i won't take to kazakhstan or won't wear before i leave. i clearly have an issue with shopping. it is safe to say that i am probably going to bring way more clothes than anything else. but they say bring what makes you happy or keeps you sane so...pish posh. weird to think that in 7 weeks i will be heading out.

let the countdown begin,

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  1. I was wondering how long it was until you leave. Now I know! Packing for 2 years is definitely hard. Leave a little extra space in your cases because packing to come back after 2 years is even harder!!