Thursday, February 11, 2010


i have decided to start a blog to document my thoughts and opinions throughout the peace corps application process.

let me start by saying this is mostly for myself, but if someone somewhere gets some sort of benefit from my ramblings that is awesome. a little bit about myself: my name is emily & i am 22 years old. i turned in my application for the peace corps sometime last april. i am currently a master's international student at george mason studying tesl. i was nominated for secondary education english teacher training somewhere unknown in the world leaving between jan and march of 2011. apparently MI students don't really get a clue about where they are headed. it just makes the process that much more suspenseful i reckon.

i am currently undergoing the medical evaluation portion of the application process. i got my medical packet on monday. i had my medical evaluation on tuesday and ran over to lenscrafters to get them to fill out the eye glasses from. it took them two hours to fill the form out, but at least it is done. i had my dentist appointment today and found out i have to get my wisdom teeth taken i'm pretty much just stuck in a waiting period right now. I am waiting on lab results to get back and waiting on my appointment to get my teeth out. i'm not leaving for another year so i'm not really stressing it. so far i haven't had much stress with the medical process & i am kinda hoping it stays that way.

in other news, i bought the insider's guide to the peace corps by dillon banerjee. i drove out to barnes and noble about 40 minutes away from my house just to get it. it may not have been the wisest decision considering the blizzard we just had, but my mustang and i both made it back safely. as for the book- go get it! it is awesome and i am already learning so much. i have definitely read everything i can on the internet about PC, but this book goes above and beyond. <3 it.

until next time,

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