Tuesday, February 16, 2010

one step forward, two steps back.

i got my wisdom teeth pulled today. it was a pretty unfortunate experience, but it puts me that much closer to finishing all of my medical stuff. it wouldn't be that bad, but all i can eat is soft stuff and i am finding out that almost all soft stuff is sweet. yogurt, pudding, shakes, smoothies...a sweet tooth's dream. too bad i'm a fan of salty. i'm not in much pain though and the swelling is nonexistent, though i hear that will be worse by friday.

in other news, i called my doctor yesterday to see if my lab results were in yet and she said i could pick them up this afternoon. i was stoked to be able to mail everything out today! unfortunately about fifteen minutes after getting my teeth out this morning my doctor called and told me that one of the lab results came back a little fishy. she said it was no big, but she wants me to redo the test. so i am going back in to get more blood taken tomorrow. then it will be another week of the waiting game. at least i am becoming a veteran at it...patience has always been a weakness of mine. it's amazing what the peace corps application process can do for you.

i have to admit that i am slightly nervous about the lab tests, but my doctor wasn't stressing it so i'm trying not to. i just can't wait to get this packet in the mail. my goal was to have it in by friday...guess i might have to wait for next week. the fact that my nomination is for a year from now should really keep me from being overly eager.

in the meantime...working on my patience bone.

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