Friday, June 18, 2010

oh, lovely to hear from you.

i heard from the placement office for the first time. i'm pretty excited about that. my master's international placement liaison sent me an email on monday. she requested an updated resume, a confirmation on my availability, my transcripts from my master's program, and the number of semesters i will have completed by the time i will leave. pretty standard email from what i have been gathering on the pc journals. slightly different with the mi stuff. she acknowledged that i hadn't been medically cleared yet, but that she wanted to go ahead and get the info already.

that got me thinking about the medical clearance. i sent in all the forms they requested a good minute ago. they took the hold off my account and then put it back on. i've heard from others that it didn't take too long after that second hold to get clearance, but apparently that is not the case for me. i then got an email from oms about ten minutes after i sent in the needed info to the placement office.

they said they had sent a letter to my home address, but it had been returned as undeliverable. they wanted me to check the address and make sure they had it right (which they did) or call the post office and see what is up (which i did). the post office couldn't figure out why it had been sent back. figures. anywho,i told oms it was correct and to go ahead and send it again. whatever they did last time seemed to work, so hopefully it will work this time.

i'm frustrated because they sent the letter on june 1 originally. which means whatever that letter holds i could have been working on by now. o well. i just know that letter won't hold any good news since oms hasn't reached a decision about my medical yet. i'm praying it doesn't involve a visit to the surgeon since the last batch of information i sent in had to answer questions about the surgery. i won't get in the surgeon's office for months. at this point i can only guess what will be in the envelope.

playing the guessing game,