Friday, June 25, 2010

on to the next medical hurdle.

i was right about the letter from oms. it is for me to follow-up with my surgeon. i got the letter in the mail wednesday. it is a pretty detailed form i need the surgeon to fill out. so i called the surgeon the next morning to set an appointment. they could squeeze me in for an appointment in august. the receptionist was very nice though, and said she would call if there were any cancellations. i was just about to call oms to see if there were any plan b's when my surgeon's office called me back. they are going to have me fax them the forms and fill them out and then I can pick them up, no appointment necessary. yay! I faxed the form in yesterday afternoon. now i am just waiting on the surgeon's office. i know it will take them a while, but at least it won't be august.

even though i'm still waiting, it is kind of nice for the waiting to be on my end for a change. i like knowing what exactly i am waiting for and where in that process i stand. it is like the window on my end is crystal clear. i can see everything that is happening. the window on the peace corps' end is like stained glass. i can vaguely see where i'm at, but no details. even so, i still love to look.

enjoying the clear view,

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