Monday, July 12, 2010

so long medical labyrinth.

i have medical clearance! this may end up being a lengthy post, so i decided to post the important info up front. i recognize that most of ya won't make it to the bottom.

on wednesday i called my doctor to make sure they faxed the info over to the pc office on thursday like they told me they were going to do. i was a little nervous since my toolkit hadn't been updated. as i suspected the dr.'s office completely forgot. & they left it at their other office (apparently there are two?) so they would have to wait to fax it until the morning. I called again the next day at lunch and they had forgotten again! so i made them put me on hold while they did. [side note: the peace corps has brought out a crazy side of me i didn't know existed. i am typically the definition of laid-back.]

friday morning i woke up to the toolkit update i had been expecting. the hold on my account had been removed. exactly the same way it happened the last time. i was assuming that now that they had all the info i would hear from them with a decision in the next two weeks. on saturday morning i woke up to another toolkit update!! they reached a decision and the letter is in the mail. i was totally not expecting that, especially since the work week was over.

todayyy i got an email from the placement office! it was the generic letter congratulating me on medical clearance (which i now know i got, even though the letter hasn't arrived), and asking for updated resume and patience. dun dun dun. anywho, i'm stoked just to finally be at this point in the application process.

in other news:

i am currently in my intensive summer courses for my master's international program in ESL. what is awesome about completing three classes for a month that last 6 hours? there are a ton of pcvs in my classes doing the fellows program. they all have great stories to tell, and it is getting me even more stoked about pc service. they are full of advice i.e. make embassy friends cuz they have access to ranch dressing, and awesome tidbits of information. also in my class are a bunch of people with international experience that aren't so fond of peace corps. i can't tell you how many people have told me i am an idealist, and i will just be frustrated because i really can't help. i am mostly trying to stick to the positive folks in my group and avoid the neigh-sayers.

writing an updated resume?
you betcha.



  1. I am jealous! I received medical clearance this week as well (congrats on that!) and have received my letter in the mail ... BUT, I still haven't received a call/email from placement yet! I expected the same thing you got, something just saying welcome to this process ... but I haven't gotten anything :( I don't have a phone number to call or anything either so I'm a bit nervous.

    Congrats to you though! That's huge news. When is your nomination for?

  2. thanks! congrats as well on the medical clearance. i wouldn't be nervous, it seems like with this process no one has the same experience. i hope you hear from them soon!