Tuesday, September 7, 2010

thank you for the timeframe.

it's been a while. i went on vacay with the fam and fall classes just started. and i am turning into a lazy b. anyways, my master's international liaison sent me an email on aug. 18. i know that was a good minute ago, but she wrote me asking for me to get confirmation that i am still a student in the mi program. i emailed my program director, but everyone that works for my program just resigned and it apparently takes her months to respond to any emails. so i'm still waiting on that. in other news....this is what the bottom of her email said:

In the meantime, I will pass your file onto a Placement Officer for further review. You should be hearing from our office in the next 2 months regarding placement.

say what?! peace corps has given me a timeframe. now the question is...does that mean they will be contacting me in the next 2 months, or inviting me? i'm trying not to look too much into this, either way it is nice just to know my file is being pushed forward.

i have been thinking about pc a lot lately (and having some pretty crazy nightmares) and i will probably post something about all that soon. but for now, back to homework.

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